Best Layer Cakes Ever!

There is nothing like a showstopping layer cake to finish off a special meal. The best layer cakes are those towering desserts, that are packed full and over flowing with yummy ingredients; chocolate,frosting or fresh fruit. I have found thirty of the best layer cakes to make to help you celebrate birthdays,anniversary,Christmas or just to show off a tiny bit.

These recipes include the best layer cakes with two layers or some really impressive six layer cakes, which look very daunting but are made a lot easier using a Layer Cake Kit. Their is bound to be one to fulfill all your cake cravings, whether your favorite is chocolate or fruit.

best layer cakes

These are simply some of the most stunning layer cakes to be seen,made by the most amazing cooks (as always if you would like more details of the recipe,please click on the links). Are you feeling brave enough to have a go making a sky high layer cake,to impress your friends and family?

Best Layer Cakes

1) Doughnut Layer Cake with Mocha Whipped Cream

Best layer cake-doughnut layer cake

Love doughnuts? Love coffee? Check out this amazing doughnut layer cake, with a mocha whipped cream on Sugar Hero – A blog run by an amazing baker called Elizabeth, who welcomes you to dessert heaven!

2) Spumoni Cake

layer cake-spumoni

This stunning and very summery Spumoni Cake, is another amazing layer cake by Sugar Hero, made of a classic combination of cherry,pistachio and vanilla flavors. The cake is constructed with layers of cherry cake, pistachio and vanilla buttercream.

3) Chocolate and Raspberry Layer Cake

Best layer cake - chocolate raspberry

This chocolate and raspberry layer cake is a perfect combination of flavours if you are a chocoholic. It is a magical creation from the culinary imagination of Olivia, from the baking blog Liv For Cakes.

4) Fresh Berry and Vanilla Layered Cake

layer cake berry and vanilla

Unusually for many layer cakes, this berry and vanilla cake is a light and fruity dessert, perfect for a summer day and great colors for 4th July.

This seasonal delight is brought to you by Lindsay at Life,Love and Sugar.

5) Honey Layered Cake with Dulce De Leche

Honeyed layer cake

This honey layered cake is a “Medovik Cake” of Eastern European origins. It looks amazing but also a little bit daunting to make, however this could be made easier using a layer cake kit, to help you cut those fragile layers.

This Honey Layered Cake with Dulce De Leche is featured in the blog by Winnie, Something Sweet. The site is not in English but has a fantastic translation and some great recipes, so please don’t be put off and have a go making this cake.

6) Chocolate, Raspberry and Hazelnut Layer Cake

Best layered cake - Butter Baking

This cake is such a pretty colour, a real showstopper. It is made up of three layers of chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream and hazelneut praline.

This amazing layer cake is featured on Butter Baking – A blog of Baked Goods

7) Glam Rock Layer Cake

Glam rock layer cake

Wow you don’t see a black and sparkly cake often…and I love it!!!

The layer cake itself is made up of dark chocolate cake and sweet vanilla frosting. It has been made by a talented baker called Rosie, who bakes and writes on the blog Sweetapolita, now one of my favorites. The blog has some beautiful recipes, photography and very detailed instructions to help you try these creations for yourself.

8) Fresh Cherry Layer Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Best layer cake - cherry

This cherry cake uses a vanilla sponge cake to build the layers combined with a cherry buttercream, and then for the wow factor drizzled with chocolate ganache, and finished with fresh cherries. I would recommend using a cherry pitter for speed but Beth, on The First Year, has a nifty trick to remove those annoying little pips.

9) Banana Foster Layer Cake

Best layer cake banana

Another beautiful cake by Life,Love & Sugar. Makes my mouth water the combination of flavors in this cake, a cinnamon cake,rum fosters sauce,bananas, and rum icing! What’s not to love?

10) Chocolate and Raspberry mousse cake

best layer cakes - chocolate-raspberry-mousse-cake

This wonderful creation, literally makes me gasp at it’s beauty. Layers of fudge brownie,chocolate,raspberry,and vanilla mousse. Then finished off with glossy chocolate and fresh raspberries.

This cake is among the best layer cakes I have ever seen, and I am in awe of Sugar Hero talents in both baking, decoration and photography.

11) Pinata Cake

Pinata-cake best layer cakes

This cake will thrill any child and adults a like. Upon cutting the cake open, not only are the layers exposed but the sweets spill tantalizingly out.

This fun cake is featured on the childrens blog, In The Playroom

12) The Ultimate Snickers Layer Cake

best layer cake snickers

Layers of light chocolate cake, with peanuts,nougaty cream and homemade caramel sauce. We can thank Sarah on her blog, Taming Twins for this admittedly naughty creation.

13) Gingerbread layer cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting

best layer cakes Gingerbread_cake

I just had to include this cake! I love Christmas and ginger is one of my absolute favorite flavors. Wonderful layers of Gingerbread cake, combined with cinnamon frosting. You could go completely Christmas crazy with the decorations of this cake, but I love the simple naked cake that Super Golden Bakes have made.

14) Salted Caramel Apple Cake

best layer cakes - apple

 This salted caramel apple layer cake is dense and squiddgy, flavoured with a salted caramel buttercream and decorated with chopped nuts to garnish.

Featured on the website Brown Eyed Baker, which is full of sinfully tempting recipes.

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