Electric Tortilla Shell Maker

Nostalgia Electrics Baked Tortilla MakerThe Nostalgia Electric Tortilla Shell Maker allows you to make perfect crispy tortilla bowls, to fill with your perfect fillings.

You simply place corn, flour or any tortilla variety into the tortilla maker and close the lid. Within minutes you’ll enjoy a fresh, deliciously crunchy tortilla bowl that perfect for salads, party dips, desserts and more. Best of all, it’s healthy as there’s no need for frying.

Common Questions about Electric Tortilla Shell Maker

  • What size tortilla shells should you use in the maker?

8 inch tortilla or soft taco shells

  • How long does sit take to make a tortilla shell?

It takes about three minutes

Reviews of Electric Tortilla Shell Maker

“This helpful kitchen aid is terrific for making home made taco shells for taco salads, or as a container for fried ice cream and other desserts. Also these shells are perfect for holding items on a buffet table. They are non-stick and work best with medium size shells.”

“I wanted to serve taco salads for a large family gathering. I was able to make 70 shells the day before the party. You get the fun bowl shape without all the grease from frying. The shells only take about 2 minutes to cook and are the perfect addition to a fun taco salad”

Can be shipped internationally

Electric Tortilla Shell Maker

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