Five Blade Herb Scissors

herb-scissorsUsing these scissors you can quickly, and neatly cut the herbs directly where you want to use them. They have an unusual five blade design, featuring five 3″ stainless steel blades that make cutting,chopping and mincing herbs directly into the pan or onto a plate for garnish. The large easy to use handle have a soft silicone lining for a comfortable grip.


Common Questions About Herb Scissors

  • Is there a plastic cover for storage?

Yes there is a plastic shield to protect the scissors and your fingers when they are stored, it is also shaped at the end to aid with cleaning.

  • What are the blades made out of?

Stainless Steel

  • Do they clog up as you cut damp herbs?

If the herbs do stick between the blades, the end of the storage shield is shaped the clean in between the blades.


Reviews of Five Blade Herb Scissors

“Highly recommended. They are very convenient for quickly and easily preparing small amounts of chopped herbs. They are super sharp, but that’s what makes them work so great. Rinse under running water after use to keep herbs from drying between the blades.”

“This scissors shorten the time for chopping reasonably fine herbs. What I don’t like about the scissors is that they have to be cleaned out often while the snipping is going on. I expect them to have to be cleaned out at the end of the job, but not several times while chopping each herb. Fortunately, the cover acts as a tool for cleaning out the blades. The scissors are worth the money; they just aren’t magic.”

“Don’t know how I lived without them,they make a great gift. Works perfectly, so quickly and cleans easily.Recommend strongly”

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Five Blade Herb Scissors

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