Stunning Glass Bag Bowl

glass-ziplocA zip-lock bag is normally trash after use, but this clever designed glass bag bowl is a beautiful addition to your home. Designed to make the everyday things in life, into contemporary art.

Made with borosilicate glass, individual giftboxed.

Common Questions about Glass Bag Bowl

  • What is the volume of the bowl?

about 16 oz, (Dimensions 5x5x6)

  • Is this safe for food?

It is designed to hold food, however I would be cautious pouring boiling fluid in to it.


unzipped bag glass bowl

Reviews of Glass Bag Bowl

“This little bowl is one of my favorites out of everything…It’s strong and sturdy and doesn’t look “cheap;” I have mine sitting on a glass table in my living room filled with m&ms. The opening is plenty big enough for a good-sized adult hand to reach in and grab a fistful of candies without a problem.”

“This looks soooo cool on my kitchen table, everyone comments on it and how its so clever love it x”

Or if you’re in the UK

 glass bag bowl


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