Ice Ball Mold

Ice ball moldThe mold makes jumbo ice balls, that melt slowly and are a real conversation starter.

These molds are made from extra-thick silicone that make the perfect ice balls.

Gives you bigger, more perfect balls…everytime!


Common questions asked about Ice Ball Molds

  • How do you remove the ice ball from the mold?

Remove the top half,with the hole in it, first. Then gently squeeze the bottom and the ball will pop out. as the mold is silicone it is very flexible and easy to peel away.

  • How to stop your balls going opaque?

The easiest way to get clear ice balls is to use distilled water or you can pre-boil the water.

  • How many molds do you receive?

two large silicone molds

  • Can you freeze fruit juice in these molds?

Fruit juice and lemonade would work well.

  • How long does it take to freeze an ice ball?

As these are large balls they will take quite a long time to freeze, at least six hours.

Ice balls

Reviews of Ice Ball Mold

“…great fun, well made, work as advertised, and offer a lot of versatility. The mold has fairly thick walls and a flat bottom (the ball comes out totally round), so no problem with it spilling once placed in the freezer. Freezing time depends on the temperature in your freezer, so you might have to test them a bit to determine the appropriate time (I’d say at least 4 hrs).The ball is easy to remove from the mold.”

“It’s the first ice ball tray that I’ve used that didn’t spill water all over the place when you try to fill and close them. With this one, each ice maker is separate and you just pour the water in from the top hole. No mess. The ice balls it makes are BIG and easy to pop out. It feels like quality silicone, not cheap”

ice ball





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