Layer Cake Slicing Kit

layer cake slicing kitThe Layer Cake Slicing Kit contains a rim,pastry knife and washers to allow easy handling.  This is such a clever gadget that makes those stunning layers easy, uniform and very impressive!

Stun your friends with a stunning layer cake.


Questions about The Layer Cake Slicing Kit

  • What is the maximum size of the cake?

Three inch high and ten inch diameter, however it is adjustable and can make an eight inch cake

  • What length is the knife?

Eleven and three-quarter inches with five inch handle

Layer cake

Reviews of Layer Cake Slicing Kit

” I bought this cake slicer kit for my wife. She uses it ALL the time and loves it…I recommend this product highly. It is well designed and sturdy in construction; clean up is a snap and it stores easily. I gave it 5 stars as it clearly exceeds expectations.”

“This Slicing Kit is the greatest slicer that has ever hit the market. I’m so glad I purchased it. It does not accommodate the much larger cakes like the 16 and 18inch cakes, that I make for wedding cakes, but the knife in the kit does a great job without the ring. I’m able to slice cakes into layers and add my fillings. the cake lifter makes it much easier than using your hands.As a Bakery Chef, I can tell you that, this gives better even slices than just using nothing or the single wire slicer. I will never slice another cake without this Zenker. This kit is amazing because you get the ring, the knife and the lifter, it was worth the price. It’s not complicated at all, just wrap the ring around your cake, lock it in place, use the extra long knife and start from the the locking part of the gadget and slice all the way around it, turning it as you slice, this way you are assured that you have an even cut. you have to turn the cake ringer to make sure the entire cake is sliced. Starting from the bottom and work up. Its sturdy and supportive”

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cake slicing kit

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