Lemon or Lime Sprayer

Lemon or lime SprayerLove these Lemon or Lime Sprayer, makes healthy cooking and flavor easy. Add Lemon or Lime taste to your drinks, season salads,seafood or even freshen the smell of your kitchen, with a light mist of fresh citrus.

This set has two different sizes to help with optimum extraction, the larger unit for larger citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits, the smaller unit for lemons and limes.

To use simply cut the end of the fruit (better to leave the flatter end of the fruit intact, helps with storage), then screw in the pointed end into the fruit. Squeeze or roll the fruit on a surface, Then spray pure citrus juice!

To store the fruit, simply place in provided dish and pop in the fridge until needed again.


Reviews of Lemon or Lime Sprayer

“This is a brilliant product – was sceptical about how good the spray would be but was very impresssed with the fine mist! One lemon was enough for 8 people to spray onto their seafood starter. Highly recommend.”

“Love the dual spray. One for limes and the other for the lemons and the tray to hold them. Gives longer life to each when left in fridge. Fresh juice fast and easy!!”

There does seem to be some debate about the brand of these Lemon and lime sprayer, my advice would be don’t buy them if you want the “Lekue” name, but buy them because they are a great little gadget.

Or if you’re in the UK

Lemon or lime Sprayer

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