Mr & Mrs Tea Infuser

Mr & Mrs Tea InfuserMr & Mrs tea infuser is a great gift for anybody who loves their cup of tea, and it will always be a conversation piece. Mr and Mrs are the perfect companions for their own tea party.

They fit any size of mugs or cups and will brew the perfect cup of tea.

Mr and Mrs are so compatible they even swap pants!

Reviews of Mr & Mrs Tea Infuser

“I’m a tea drinker and these do the trick for me. Great design and easy to use. It adds a bit of fun when making my tea. Really enjoying them. I highly recommend them for tea lovers”

“If you drink tea, you really do want these! These are absolutely adorable and fun to use. If you need a nice little novelty gift, these are sure to delight! They are easy to use and a cinch to clean up. Every once in awhile you find something that is not only functional, but entertaining as well”

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