Strawberry Huller

Strawberry HullerWith this little strawberry huller gadget means you can remove strawberry stems easily.

It’s really simple to use; insert the strawberry¬†huller¬†into the fruit, twist and remove the hull…done! Takes out the stem and leaves yet leaves the strawberry intact.

No more fiddly job, just use your strawberries in all your summer recipes.

Common Questions about Strawberry Huller

  • Does it work well on smaller strawberries?

The huller works on all sizes of strawberries

  • Does the huller remove a lot of the fruits flesh?

It depends how far you push the gadget into the flesh

  • How do you clean it?

Simply rinse, there is no need to take the gadget apart.


Reviews of the Strawberry Huller

“This is one fantastic product! Simply push the green button (the stem) down to open the claw, insert into the strawberry, release the button, twist and pull the hull out. So simple! Works like a charm, each and every time.

Works well on tomatoes and works amazingly to core cherry tomatoes… fun and functional product”

“I am beside myself with glee at the moment…I just hulled a quart box of strawberries in about 5 minutes!! An absolutely awesome and well engineered kitchen item. Perfect results every time.”

Or if you’re in the UK

strawberry huller

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