Wasabi Kit Kat

Wasabi Kit KatWasabi Kit Kat! Who came up with that at Nestle, and what flavor chocolate were they eating?

Wasabi has a flavor and smell similar to horseradish, which combines with chocolate in an oddly pleasing way. Strangely it is reported that you don’t feel the burn, but taste the heat.

These limited edition Kit Kat comes in a box of 12, so you can amaze your friends as well.

Reviews of Wasabi Kit Kat

“The kit kats come in this really pretty plastic box ,they’re also delicious. There’s no spiciness to these at all, yet they somehow still have the flavor of wasabi to them. It’s a subdued taste, but very interesting taste, and it makes for an incredible novelty gift.”

“The light green chocolate is unique. The wasabi was very subtle and finished off the flavor nicely. I offered bars around the office. Some people couldn’t taste it at all and thought it was a mildly spicy vanilla.”

Or if you are in the UK



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