YolkFish Egg Separator

yolkfish egg separatorGenius little fish! It takes two seconds to separate the yolk from the egg white. The Yolkfish egg separator could become addictive, makes me want to whip up a meringue!

Break your egg into a bowl,press your yolkfish,and place it above the yolk…gulp. Then release the yolk in another dish.

Reviews of Yolkfish Egg Separator

“What a crazy stocking-filler,everyone who got one of these from me loved it! 1) Break an egg into a bowl or cup. 2) Squeeze YolkFish’s tummy. 3) Let go of his tummy but hold him by the tail (he’ll swallow the yolk). 4) Squeeze his tummy again and he spits the yolk out. (Actually, if you’re easily amused — like me, and, it seems, most of my friends — you will probably have fun playing with YolkFish even though you don’t need separated eggs.) ”

“This is by far the best kitchen gadget I’ve ever owned. It actually makes me want to be in the kitchen. ┬áIt works exactly as described, is easy to clean, and cute.”

“I just received and used my Gulping YolkFish; what a great invention! It worked exactly as in the video! I love it! “

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yolkfish egg separator

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